Benefits for Real Estate : Win More Listings

Benefits for Real Estate : Win More Listings

The Ottawa Real Estate market is hot. Red hot. Now more than ever, you need every advantage to get that next listing.

We are that advantage.

When you show a potential client this new technology, they will be amazed. It never fails to delight and dazzle – especially if you are seeing it for the first time. I still get a little bit excited to see every 3D Showcase that I capture. It is something that our brains are hard-wired to enjoy. Use this energy to get them excited about working with you to sell their home. It’s very similar to offering professional staging services or a cleaning company. It’s just another tool in your belt to offer a comprehensive experience.

By using 3D Photography, you will show your potential listers that you are not only passionate about their property, you are passionate about what you do and how you do it. It shows that next level of service that puts you into the upper echelon of sales agents. It goes above and beyond what is necessary in today’s flaming market, and above and beyond is what your clients are paying for.

It’s a jungle out there, we’re here to help!

Real Estate is probably one of the most competitive industries out there. You need every advantage at your disposal. Lucky for you we offer affordable, high-quality 3D Matterport services with fast-turnaround. For a very minimal investment you can set yourself apart in a field of thousands.

So if you work in Residential or Commercial Real Estate, try showing a 3D tour at your next listing presentation. You’ll be amazed at the reaction, and you will impress your customers with your high quality of service and dedication. That is what sellers are looking for, and that is what will win you that next listing.