2017 Recap

I think more than a few people have a common response to 2017: “Interesting, but scary.” That pretty much sums up my feelings toward the first year of OniCap – 3D Photography. We came out swinging with a new technology for the Ottawa area: The Matterport 3D Showcase. I am proud to be only the fifth person in the National Capital region to have bought in to the platform. We took on challenges such as product offerings, customer education and redefining existing marketing terms. In the end we arrived at a great “3D Photography” service that is responsive, professional, and affordable. We have found our heading, and we’re excited for what 2018 has to offer.

The term “virtual tour” has been around for almost a decade. It refers to a slow-moving series of static images with some accompanying upbeat muzak trodding you along the “tour”. The Matterport 3D Showcase platform changed everything. It is at least two generations ahead of anything else out there in terms of ease of capturing a physical space and representing it universally on any device. They continue to improve on their system, adding incredible new features such as VR capability and 2D floorplans. The next twelve months will see Google StreetView integration and further improvements to their Showcase UI. I’m constantly being reminded that I made the right decision to go with Matterport as my 3D platform.

Okay…I’ll stop gushing about the technology now. Apparently sales is all about benefits, right? (Looks up article on sales…)

The next year promises greater adoption in the field of 3D/VR, and I believe that within the next couple of years the idea of a 3D space being ‘captured’ for virtual consumption will be as familiar as Likes or Retweets. There’s a limited window for the businesses that want to adopt this new technology for their benefit before it becomes just another necessity of doing businesses. There was a time a “web site” was a completely unnecessary waste of time and money. A “gimmick” that would never affect the way “successful companies” do business. Tell that to Amazon or Shopify. **satisfied groan**

Our product is a virtual representation of your physical space, whether that be in “old school” DSLR photography or the amazing 3D kind, we are there for you, to help you show your space to people that can’t be there physically. Whether you want to show off a space you crafted, a space you make business, or a space you want to sell. We love to help our clients understand the best ways to use the technology, and are never satisfied until our customers are comfortable and happy.

We arrive, we capture, we leave. We strive to be phantoms, as much as anyone can be with 20 pounds of equipment! After that, anyone can see the space as it was when we scanned it, and walk it as if they were there. It’s a truly magnificent power to show someone an accurate representation of a space we captured and walk them around on a smartphone. We take great pride in performing this service with competence and professionalism. We want to make 2018 the year we become synonymous with the newly redefined “virtual tour”.