Virtually Real

We capture your spaces and turn them into 4K-quality 3D showcases.

OniCap uses the latest in 3D/VR scanning technology to create beautiful 3D showcases of any size space. We are currently offering our services in the Ottawa area and surroundings using the Matterport Pro2 camera.

We also offer photography services of all kinds. Please send an inquiry.

“Buyers are 60% more likely to email an agent and 95% more likely to call about a property listing they’ve seen online that includes a 3D Showcase.”


– REA Group, Australia’s largest real estate portal, May 2016

What do we do?

3D Showcases

Engage and immerse your customers using a completely new and exciting experience. This a completely unique way to view your space. See your entire space in 3D and VR from any device. Share it with a simple link or embed it on your website or MLS listing. The Matterport system offers an affordable and versatile solution to your photographic needs.

2D Photography

We provide high-quality, professional photos of any space, starting at just $99. Using the latest High Dynamic Range (HDR) techniques, our photos make your home or business look as good as possible.

Our Process


We go to your location and scan your entire space using one of our 3D cameras, or photograph using a professional DSLR camera.


We upload, edit, and send you links to view the 3D showcase and download any photos.


Share your photos and showcases on all your MLS listings, websites and social media.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Book Your Free Demo Today!

Allow us to visit you wherever you are and give you a demonstration of our Matterport camera on the spot. We also do presentations to agencies and groups on request.